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Our Product Range

The quality of our work determines the quality of our products

Quality is feasible. The employees of our company are supposed to and willing to deliver high quality work. This is the only way for us to stay on the road to success – together with our customers. The future can only be planned around success. This is conditional on all courses of action in a company being oriented to efficiency in advance. The effectivity and the control of all processes are subject to steady evaluation and control at BSH and, in this way, they contribute decisively to quality assurance.

In this way the modules of our modern inventory control system guarantee process monitoring and retraceability; coils and charges are registered electronically and traced up to the goods issue department. According to the latest human assessment, this eliminates most of the errors. If contrary to expectations there should be reason for a customer complaint, this system guarantees a quick fault analysis and we will resolve the problem immediately.

For it is still true to say, we have an ambitious target: we would like you always to associate best performance for slit strip service with an attractive price-performance ratio at BSH. And, if you like, let us talk about it together.

Slitted from hot rolled wide strip, in pickled and unpickled surface finish. Dimensional tolerances as per DIN EN 10051.

Our products comply with applicable industry standards. We also offer competent commission processing for all mentioned material grades up to 8.00 mm material thickness.

Steel Strip


  • Continuously hot rolled strip of mild steel for cold forming perDIN EN 10111 – DD11 – DD14

  • Hot rolled products of unalloyed structural steels per DIN EN 10025, steel grades S235 – S355 in the respective quality groups

  • Hot rolled flat steel products from steels with high yield point for cold forming per DIN EN 10149-2 or per Stahl-Eisen-Werkstoffblatt 092 – hot rolled fine grained steels – grades S315 – S 700MC or QSTE with specified minimum yield point

Other qualities and finishes by arrangement.

Cold rolled strip

  • Mild steel, enamellable, micro-alloyed (IF steel)

  • Construction steel

  • Steel with high-yield point, bake-hardening effect, phosphorus alloyed

Coated strip

  • Zinc coating Z

  • Zinc-iron coating ZF

  • Zinc-aluminium coating ZA

  • Aluminium-zinc coating AZ

  • Mild steel

  • Construction steel

  • Steel with high yield pointBake-hardening effect, phosphorus alloyed

  • High strength steel / IF steel

Electrolytic galavanized strip

  • Mild steel

  • Steel with high yield point

Commission processing

  • Slitting of stainless steel

  • Slitting of aluminium as commission processing

  • Slitting of electrical steel as commission processing

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