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our employees have developed highly-tuned intuitive skills

As a medium sized company with more than 60 employees we have a more flexible organisation than many a large firm. The contact is obviously closer which encourages more immediate, and often more intensive liaison work. It is not least due to this direct communication that our employees have developed highly-tuned intuitive skills in their particular scope of work, especially exemplified in the requirements of our customers in the automotive industry.

Alongside our modern slitter lines, our absolute reliability as a provider for the automotive and supplier industry is the main argument for working with us. And, of course, we want to strengthen this position. Responsible for about half of the annual turnover at BSH, this sector forms a main pillar of our company. Not really surprising in a region that is so dominated by various firms in and around the field of the automotive industry.

acting reliably and offering top service

Acting reliably and offering top service is only possible when all actions are directed to one target which gives all employees a clear orientation for their activities. The maxim of our actions is the absolute satisfaction of our customers.

In order to know what the customer requires and what the customer needs to maintain a successful market position, you not only need technical know-how but also good intuition. Only then – and not before – can you talk about customer orientation in your business philosophy with a good conscience.

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