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If a company has remained stable in this highly competitive market for three decades, there must be in­dicators that set us apart and explain our success. We think that one of these pointers must be our genuine heartfelt commitment to our customers. So it should come as no surprise that we have earned a good reputation in our business.

No question that dedication is essential; but without products of superior quality there will be no positive reputation. In a region with a long tradition for this product – the gateway to ‘Sauerland’ – BSH produces slit strips from hot rolled, cold rolled and zinc coated steel. Our customers range from ‘a’ for automotive industry, ‘c’ for construction industry, ‘e’ for electro industry up to ‘s’ for supplying industry. As a medium-sized company we have sales of more than 175,000 tons per year.

Bandstahl-Service-Hagen is also pleased to offer the service of commission processing for all sectors. Other services supplied by BSH include commission processing for aluminium, stainless steel and electrical steel. Our good reputation is reflected in the healthy level of orders. Targeted innovations are our byword.


Stahl in seiner schönsten Form

Steel at its Best

Staal op z’n mooist

our employees have developed highly-tuned intuitive skills

As a medium sized company with more than 60 employees we have a more flexible organisation than many a large firm. The contact is obviously closer which encourages more immediate, and often more intensive liaison work. It is not least due to this direct communication that our employees have developed highly-tuned intuitive skills in their particular scope of work, especially exemplified in the requirements of our customers in the automotive industry.

Alongside our modern slitter lines, our absolute reliability as a provider for the automotive and supplier industry is the main argument for working with us. And, of course, we want to strengthen this position. Responsible for about half of the annual turnover at BSH, this sector forms a main pillar of our company. Not really surprising in a region that is so dominated by various firms in and around the field of the automotive industry.

acting reliably and offering top service

Acting reliably and offering top service is only possible when all actions are directed to one target which gives all employees a clear orientation for their activities. The maxim of our actions is the absolute satisfaction of our customers.

In order to know what the customer requires and what the customer needs to maintain a successful market position, you not only need technical know-how but also good intuition. Only then – and not before – can you talk about customer orientation in your business philosophy with a good conscience.

Our management is always available

Michael Leber

General Manager/Associate

Tel.: +49 23 31-95 02 -51
Fax: +49 23 31-95 02 -90

Michael Brenken

Sales/Authorized Representative

Tel. +49 (0) 23 31/95 02-35
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Klaus-Jürgen Schimmel

Sales/Authorized Representative

Tel. +49 (0) 23 31/95 02-42
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Patrick Sartor

Purchase/Authorized Representative

Tel. +49 (0) 23 31/95 02-39
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Forgive the play on words, but when we talk about the customer being the focal point of our activities, we could illustrate this with the phrase ‘accompanying our customers through thick and thin’ in reference to our state-of-the-art production lines. This is because we deliver slit strip produced on three slitter lines, which, so to speak, form the technical heart of our BSH production, in the following dimen­sions:

Slit strip widths: 20 up to 1,650 mm
Thickness: 0.3 up to 8.0 mm

These are definitely respectable figures. But with ‘normal’ values you don’t normally get far. Our three slit to length lines, one of them manufactured by the market leader FIMI, guarantee clear slit edges. The lines are suited for the slitting of cold and hot rolled steel as well as surface treated steel, colour-coated steel, zinc coated steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Our storage for mother coils has a capacity of about 25,000 tons. This is, indeed, a “weighty” advantage. Working on a production and storage area of about 35,000 m2 at Bandstahl Service Hagen is our competent team which takes good care of our customers.

Slitter line 1

Inauguration 1995
Thickness range 0,30 – 2,50 mm
Max. coil width 1.390 mm
Coil ID 508 / 610 mm
Max. coil weight 26.000 kg
Max. coil OD 2.000 mm
Possible slit widths 20 – 1.370 mm
Ring ID 508 / 610 mm

Slitter line 2

Inauguration 2001
Thickness range 1,25 – 8,0 mm
Max. coil width 1.670 mm
Coil ID 508 / 610 / 762 mm
Max. coil weight 30.000 kg
Max. coil OD 2.200 mm
Possible slit widths 29 – 1.650 mm
Ring ID 508 / 610 mm

Slitter line 3

Inauguration 2009
Thickness range 1,0 – 8,0 mm
Max. coil width 650 mm
Coil ID 508 / 610 mm
Max. coil weight 8.500 kg
Max. coil OD 2.000 mm
Possible slit widths 20 – 630 mm
Ring ID 508 mm

Further production features
Suitable for the slitting of:

Slitter line 1
– Surface treated steel with delicate surface
– Cold rolled, colour coated, zinc coated steel
– Stainless steel and aluminium
– Electric steel

Slitter line 2
– Hot rolled and surface treated steel
– Stainless steel and aluminium steel

Slitter line 3
– Hot rolled and surface treated steel
– Edge rounding


Customer orientation and the intense co-operation within our team are two parameters for best performance that we provide daily; striving both for and with our customer for success in the present and the future. Another fixed point for a positive company performance is the sensitive handling of the material. This is not unusual, even with the hard material ‘steel’. Experts at BSH have the proverbial good nose for steel strip in all its grades and with all its properties. This is essential in all fields.

For similar high requirements, as those found in the automotive industry and for its suppliers, are also valid for press, stamping and forming companies or for the electric industry. Behind the entire value-added process of our company there is a team of employees, who play together well, co-operate at the highest level and can score. As in many cases, it is also true to say here: the whole is more than just the sum of its parts. It is easy to make assertions – so we think you should check it out for yourself.

In principle, you can take the contents of the following statements for granted at a well-established service centre. As a matter of form, however, we feel obliged to mention some rather obvious statements simply to avoid misunderstandings.

The name Bandstahl-Service-Hagen stands for production of high quality goods. You may take this as read. We have an eye for first class quality products. Only products that have passed extensive quality inspections are allowed to leave our house. Of course BSH is a certified company and production is run completely according to the standards of the current IATF 16949:2016.

The continuous thickness record during the pro­duction and the in-house analysis of the chemical and mechanical properties in our own laboratory guarantee the high quality standard as do the inspections for incoming goods during the production up to the final inspection.

Modern inspection devices as, for example, a spectral analysis device and a thickness measuring device and standards such as measuring and checking processes are all employed by us. Proverbial sloppiness as a cause for complaints has no place in our company because we make short work of all kinds of carelessness well in advance.

Automotive supply Industry

Shop fitting, Shelving, Furniture and Fittings Industries

Construction and electrical Industries

Other industrial and consumer goods

1 – 6 – 9 – 4 – 9

Bandstahl-Service-Hagen GmbH is not only an innovative and growth-oriented service center in Hagen, Germany but a reliable and experienced partner for the automobile industry.

Besides the variety of hot-rolled steel strip, stained or unstained and available in all common quality categories, we also produce cold-rolled and surface finished strips. Our products are produced in modern and high-quality cracking plants, operated by highly motivated employees and enhanced by repeatable manufacturing processes. Those processes are subject to strict quality conformance tests in order to meet our customers’ requirements. In addition to that, our corporate policy combines the requirements of quality, environmental, occupational safety and energy policy and we, Bandstahl-Service-Hagen GmbH, adhere to the responsibilities in each of those areas.

Quality, occupational safety, health and environmental protection as well as the careful treatment of resources are a fixed component of our corporate goals and principle that constitutes the basis of every action. The adherence to those principles is essential to the company’s success.


Bandstahl-Service-Hagen GmbH is traditionally eager to provide the most effective and transparent quality management systems. In 2003 we obtained the first certificate under the terms of the former standard DIN EN ISO 9001. As a result, it was only natural to implement further steps to guarantee an efficient quality management system.

Therefore a strong customer focus and intensive communication among our employees are two major parameters for record performances for and with our customers. Since not only our customers from the automobile sector demand high standards, the same principle  applies to our customers among the electronics sector or other press, stamp or drawing companies.

The IATF 16949 certification – BSH is well-positioned for the future

Since the IATF 16949 certification is a further milestone for corporate short- and long term success, intensive preparations for the necessary audits, important and non-negligible investments in machines and plants as well as employee training eventually paid off.

“For us, obtaining the certification is the final affirmation for persistent efforts to improve system, process, and product quality,” says CEO Michael Leber, “we are proud to announce that we fully meet the requirements of the IATF 16949 certification.”

The IATF 16949 certification combines the requirements of the former ISO 9001 certification for automobile supplier’s quality management system. The requirements to obtain the certification are based on the default values provided by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF).  One of the major norms is not only the debugging within each process but the elimination of errors at earlier stages in order to prevent errors from occurring.

Approximately 30 percent of the automobile manufacturers worldwide joined the requirements of the nine IATF members. Among those members are BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Fiat, Ford, General Motors, PSA, Renault and Volkswagen.

Despite all adversities in the global economy we, as the corporate management, are positively looking ahead because quality will always prevail.


QUASAR Universal Testing Machines – developed for the most challenging demands in labs and industry. They are well suited for performing quasi-static tests.

The load frame has been CAD-engineered. Its rigidity has been optimized using Finite Element Analysis. The machines are produced in series from high-value components procured from renowned German and European manufacturers.

With a design and performance that fulfil the most stringent demands, these machines fulfil and exceed the national and international

requirements placed on quasi-static testing, including a strain rate control in accordance with ISO 6892 (replaces all EN10002) Method A, ASTM E4 etc.

All QUASAR Universal Testing Machines have a LAN port for PC connection, over which they can be operated via Graphwork, the intelligent control and evaluation software.

Graphwork is a complete software solution of outstanding performance. Software provider GALDABINI, one of the leading providers in this area, uses its know-how also for controlling automated robotic testing centres. The software provides a selection of over 600 result presets. It goes without saying that operation is intuitive and test procedures are freely programmable. Integrated instructional help videos are available.

As a new feature, optional video recordings of tests can be captured in real time for documentation and other purposes.

OBLF GS 1000-II analysis instrument for high-precision metal analysis

Simultaneously measuring optical vacuum emission spectrometer for the quantitative analysis of mass proportions in metals and alloys. The instrument makes no compromises in function and design and corresponds to the latest technical standard. Its integrated OBLF control computer works together with an industry-standard PC to provide for further data processing.

The spectrometer system is equipped with a patented self-cleaning spark stand, eliminating the need for permanent argon supply which is a characteristic of conventional spectrometers. Since no argon flows during “standby operation”, argon consumption is reduced drastically. The short analysis time, achieved with the help of the excitation generator’s 1kHz spark sequence frequency, also contributes towards minimizing argon consumption.

The system’s integrated stabilizers guarantee a superior long-time stability independently of the installation site.


product range

Slitted from hot rolled wide strip, in pickled and unpickled surface finish. Dimensional tolerances as per DIN EN 10051.

Our products comply with applicable industry standards. We also offer competent commission processing for all mentioned material grades up to 8.00 mm material thickness.BandStahlHagen--132_1020

Steel strip


  • Continuously hot rolled strip of mild steel for cold forming per
    DIN EN 10111 – DD11 – DD14
  • Hot rolled products of unalloyed structural steels per DIN EN 10025, steel grades S235 – S355 in the respective quality groups
  • Hot rolled flat steel products from steels with high yield point for cold forming per DIN EN 10149-2 or per Stahl-Eisen-Werkstoffblatt 092 – hot rolled fine grained steels – grades S315 – S 700MC or QSTE with specified minimum yield point

Other qualities and finishes by arrangement.

Cold rolled strip

  • Mild steel, enamellable, micro-alloyed (IF steel)
  • Construction steel
  • Steel with high-yield point, bake-hardening effect, phosphorus alloyed

Coated strip

  • Zinc coating Z
  • Zinc-iron coating ZF
  • Zinc-aluminium coating ZA
  • Aluminium-zinc coating AZ
  • Mild steel
  • Construction steel
  • Steel with high yield point
    Bake-hardening effect, phosphorus alloyed
  • High strength steel / IF steel

Electrolytic galvanised strip

  • Mild steel
  • Steel with high yield point

Commission processing

  • Slitting of stainless steel
  • Slitting of aluminium as commission processing
  • Slitting of electrical steel as commission processing

Mother coils (t)
Total tonnage
Production floor space (m²)

The quality of our work determines the quality of our products


Quality is feasible. The employees of our company are supposed to and willing to deliver high quality work. This is the only way for us to stay on the road to success – together with our customers. The future can only be planned around success. This is conditional on all courses of action in a company being oriented to efficiency in advance. The effectivity and the control of all processes are subject to steady evaluation and control at BSH and, in this way, they contribute decisively to quality assurance.

In this way the modules of our modern inventory control system guarantee process monitoring and retraceability; coils and charges are registered electronically and traced up to the goods issue department. According to the latest human assessment, this eliminates most of the errors. If contrary to expectations there should be reason for a customer complaint, this system guarantees a quick fault analysis and we will resolve the problem immediately.

For it is still true to say, we have an ambitious target: we would like you always to associate best performance for slit strip service with an attractive price-performance ratio at BSH. And, if you like, let us talk about it together.

Coil Calculator

Coil 1

Coil Width:
Winding height:
kg/mm Coil width

Coil 2

Coil Width:
Winding height:
kg/mm Coil width

The calculation is based on the specific weight of steel/high-grade-steel = 7,85 kg/m³

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