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Customer orientation and the intense co-operation within our team are two parameters for best performance that we provide daily; striving both for and with our customer for success in the present and the future. Another fixed point for a positive company performance is the sensitive handling of the material. This is not unusual, even with the hard material ‘steel’. Experts at BSH have the proverbial good nose for steel strip in all its grades and with all its properties. This is essential in all fields.

For similar high requirements, as those found in the automotive industry and for its suppliers, are also valid for press, stamping and forming companies or for the electric industry. Behind the entire value-added process of our company there is a team of employees, who play together well, co-operate at the highest level and can score. As in many cases, it is also true to say here: the whole is more than just the sum of its parts. It is easy to make assertions – so we think you should check it out for yourself.

In principle, you can take the contents of the following statements for granted at a well-established service centre. As a matter of form, however, we feel obliged to mention some rather obvious statements simply to avoid misunderstandings.

The name Bandstahl-Service-Hagen stands for production of high quality goods. You may take this as read. We have an eye for first class quality products. Only products that have passed extensive quality inspections are allowed to leave our house. Of course BSH is a certified company and production is run completely according to the standards of the current IATF 16949:2016.

The continuous thickness record during the pro­duction and the in-house analysis of the chemical and mechanical properties in our own laboratory guarantee the high quality standard as do the inspections for incoming goods during the production up to the final inspection.

Modern inspection devices as, for example, a spectral analysis device and a thickness measuring device and standards such as measuring and checking processes are all employed by us. Proverbial sloppiness as a cause for complaints has no place in our company because we make short work of all kinds of carelessness well in advance.

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